Team Ritual


  • It is mandatory.

  • It will be counted as the office entry time.

  • Time should be mentioned with the task

  • It has to be written in 1 minute


CGB Board

  • When we will find a new lead/task we will add it to the desired sprint

  • Standup Today notes have to be in the CGB Board TODAY exactly

  • Standup Yesterday Notes have to be in the CGB Board DONE ForNow

  • Write tasks of the day for psychological pleasure

  • Do one task at a time

  • Fix cold and open period for the day

  • CGB Tasks for Customer Related works has to be linked to CS Board

CS Board

  • Core 50 Policy

  • When you provide support toggle them to Support This Month Board. After each month toggle them back to Lock Board

  • Customer stages have to mentioned and created as sub tasks in CS board